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miller precisionMiller Precision Arms by Acutech is the collaborative efforts of Miller Precision Arms and Acutech of Flathead Valley, Montana. Acutech is a 16,000 square foot facility with a full service CNC machine shop, precision CNC Cutting Shop (with waterjet, laser, and plasma cutting tables) and a metal fabrication and sheet metal shop. Miller Precision Arms specializes in long range precision rifles, (including the AR15, AR10 and the first 300 Win Mag on a true AR platform) for military, law enforcement, competition, and big game hunting enthusiasts. This collaboration makes for efficient, precise manufacturing of complete firearms and their components (including barrels, suppressors, muzzle brakes and receivers) all under one roof.

Customers have come to expect and rely on the American craftsmanship that is put into each and every product. A rifle built by MPA is guaranteed to hold less than a minute-of-angle and quite often reaches the customers hands holding less than 1/2MOA and 1/3MOA.

Miller Precision Arms by Acutech has developed the most powerful and flexible AR platform on the planet to date. is proud to offer affordable payments on rifles by Miller Precision Arms.

Miller Precision Rifles – Financing Available

MPAR 15mpar15The AR15 rifle is the best-selling rifle in US history. The AR platform is both versatile and flexible with a modular design allowing adaptability to a wide range of user applications.

MPA is offering two premium versions of this rifle with the highest quality standards and the tightest bore in the upper receiver in the industry, thus, giving the discerning rifleman the best possible platform from which accuracy starts. . All the effort put forth controlling the manufacturing tolerances to this level of precision accomplished by Miller Precision Arms pays off with the ability to achieve an unparalleled level of performance from the AR platform. If you demand the best in your equipment in reliability and accuracy look no further as precision has been achieved.
MPA 556MPA-556-pictured-2The MPA 556 is a SPR style rifle with several improvements. The SPR, used by the Special Operations Forces of both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy, is a heavily modified light designated marksman variation of the AR-15/M16 line of infantry weapons, and is chambered for NATO standard 5.56x45mm ammunition.

The MPA upper receiver with the tightest bore in the industry, combined with our own precision machined bolt carrier, barrel extension and ultra-match barrels deliver unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. If your in the market for a precision SPR style 5.56, then look no further than the MPA556 by Miller Precision Arms.
MPA 762If you are looking for the pinnacle of performance, the MPA 762 is the rifle for you. No expense was spared, as our only goal is to produce the most MPA-762-2-Copycapable and formidable platform with a complete focus on precision and surgical like performance.
This rifle is capable of hits out to 1200 yards, with semi-auto capability extending the range and reliability as well as achieving accurate sustained suppressive firepower with the superior barrier penetration capabilities of the 7.62mm round.

The upper receiver with the tightest bore in the industry, combined with our own precision machined bolt carrier, barrel extension and ultra-match barrel is the heart of the MPA 762. While holding the tightest tolerances in the industry our precision machining produces a winning combination of accuracy, and reliability that customers have come to expect from Miller Precision Arms.

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The rifles made by Miller Precision Arms are custom assembled, yet shipping is fast for rifles of this quality. The MPAR line generally ships in under 30 days, while the higher end MPA rifles normally ship in under 60 days. NOTE: Your sales rep will contact the manufacturer at time of order and quote you updated shipping times.

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