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Do one thing, and do it well – we arrange financing for today’s hottest firearms.


Great financing prices on all the top handguns: Glock, Springfield, Smith & Wesson, and many more!


Whether for self defense or sport, we can finance the rifle you want! Smith & Wesson, Bushmaster, and many more.


While Mossberg and Remington are the most popular, we can also finance most available shotguns.


Ammunition, steel targets, holsters, scopes… if it is sporting goods related we can provide financing!

We are a matchmaker between customers and banks willing to finance firearms. Our specialty is helping those with less than perfect credit.

How Does It Work? Just Four Easy Steps

  1. Get pre-qualified.  No-obligation, fast and easy.
  2. Work with one of our sales representatives to choose the firearm you’d like to finance at low monthly payments.
  3. Availability is confirmed, exact payments are quoted, and paperwork is finalized.
  4. Firearm is shipped to a local FFL of your choice.

That’s It!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a question you don’t see answered here?  Please contact us.

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